Less than a month to go until @MuseumCamp on Oct 1!

This email has been sent to everyone who has signed up:


Dear Museum Camper

Thanks for signing up to Museum Camp – it is now less than a month away!

100 tickets have been booked and we have a waiting list for the 50 tickets to be released soon. If for any reason you can no longer make the day please let me know as there is a big demand for places, so if we know early enough we can fill your spot!

The event is now taking place at The Bond Company in Birmingham. It is a lovely venue with lots of space/rooms and we’re very excited about hosting it there! It is a 10-15min walk from New Street Station and a 10min walk from Moor Street Station. Location:http://www.thebondco.net/location/

We will be providing a veggie friendly lunch on the day (and cake!) – if you have any specific dietary requirements you may wish to bring food with you. This is a free event (thanks to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers) on a limited budget so we are sorry that we can’t cater for everyone’s dietary needs on this occasion.

Remember, if you have something to share (a project you’ve worked on? Some clever problem solving?), an idea, an issue, something you’d love to discuss, etc – pitch a session on the day! This is a day to be involved, contribute, share – and eat cake!


Please do let us know ASAP if you can no longer make it to Cakefest… MuseumCamp.

Again, we needs to thank ALL of our wonderful sponsors.  

Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to put on MuseumCamp. Please take the time to click on their links and find out more about them.


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