Welcome to Museumcamp – the home of the museums unconference.  With a passion for cake! If you’ve previously attended one of our Museumcamp unconferences you’ll be pleased to know we’re planning more. And if you haven’t – good timing, you will get the chance soon.

We haven’t posted for a while but that doesn’t mean Museumcamp hasn’t been busy! It has been off on travels around the world with Mar Dixon. We will be updating the website and adding more content over the next few weeks. Here are some images from some of our past Museumcamps to inspire you to get involved with future ones.

A table full of cake and people sitting and talking.
Museumcamp session in Birmingham, UK. And cake!
Group of people sitting and talking.
Museumcamp session in Paris, France
Group of people working together around a table.
Museumcamp session in Russia
People talking to each other, sitting on chairs arranged in a circle.
Museumcamp session in France
Museumcamp session in Argentina
Museumcamp session in Argentina
Mar Dixon and two others photographed posing together smiling.
Mar Dixon (centre) in Argentina for Museumcamp
People sitting in small groups talking to each other.
Museumcamp session in Indianapolis, USA
Large group of people gathered talking.
Museumcamp, Birmingham UK