MuseumCamp 2014 – Where is it?

IMG_5903Just a quick update for those who were asking about MuseumCamp 2014.

This year we tried really hard to raise the funds to put another MuseumCamp on but we were unsuccessful twice with our ACE applications.  It turns out we don’t qualify (the main issue in my opinion is we don’t fit the forms as we’re too innovative in thinking).  While it was a disappointment we were already working on a plan B and have been asked to take MuseumCamp (an Unconference) to two conferences.  Yes, seriously.

We ran MuseumCamp at MuseumNext in Newcastle already and we’re currently preparing to run a MuseumCamp at Museum Association conference in Cardiff this October.

Very sorry for those who have said they can’t afford the conferences – trust me, I understand your frustration.  MuseumCamp is and was set up to be available to all (hence it being free) but without support we just couldn’t do it.  Linda and I meet often and are constantly trying to think of ways to get funding so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

Meanwhile, we’re still active on social media (of course).

MuseumCamp 2015 *will* happen somehow and somewhere.  And it will be open to all who like and care about museums (and of course, love cake!).


Mar Dixon

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