MuseumCamp 2013 #museumcamp

Museum-CampWell MuseumCamp 2013 is officially over but the conversations are still going.

For everyone who came or followed online –


IMG_8418Feedback has been overwhelmingly  positive.  There is still time to fill out our feedback form.  This will help us with MuseumCamp 2014.

I’ve wrote more about the day:  #Museumcamp ala Cakefest 2013 Takeaways, Thoughts & Tweets  Please feel free to share your articles.

We have been asked to share the delegates list and I’m afraid we don’t have full permission to do so.  The names are shared on the Eventbrite page should you need them.

Session Topics

As requested, below is the list of topics from the day.

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Special Thanks:

cakeMC Mike Ellis, Videographer Paul Hutchinson and all our fabulous Live Tweeters!

Thank you to our wonderful Sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to run!  Special shout out to KE Software for their late sponsorship which paid for the cakes – you were loved by all (especially me!)


KE_Emu_Blue   lottery ace

See you at MuseumNext?

Museumcamp is proud to announce Mike Ellis as MC

Museumcamp is proud to announce Mike Ellis has agreed to be our MC for the day! 

mikeMike Ellis has been involved in running conferences and geek events since 2007, when he set up “Mashed Museum” – a “hack day” which saw 20 or so people coming along to build rapid prototypes of museum web technologies. Then in 2008 he started BathCamp, a 24-hour “BarCamp” un-conference for geeks in the beautiful city of Bath. BathCamp is still going 5 years on as both a monthly get-together and an annual weekend BarCamp.

Mike went on to run “The Big M” in 2011 – this was a 2-day conference for mobile developers which had 250 people coming to hear a range of sessions on mobile innovation. Then in 2012 he founded the first Bath Digital Festival, which saw around 2,500 people coming along to 23 events including “Coding For Kids”, debates about the future of the book, a “solderathon”…and many others.

So far, 100 tickets have been ordered.  The last batch of 50 will go offer September 3rd – those on the waiting list will get first refusal on Sept 2nd.


A big shout out to our Sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t be able to put on MuseumCamp.  If you would like to be a sponsor, please let us know ASAP as we’re getting our posters organized next week.

lottery ace


marches networkIRONBRIDGE LARGE LOGOmardixonlogovs-main-badge

MuseumCamp ala CakeFest v2.0 IS BACK

We are very pleased to announce MuseumCamp is returning!


MuseumCamp is open to everyone – from volunteers to CEOs.  You don’t even have to work in the sector – just want to have passion for making positive changes.


MuseumCamp is an Unconference – everyone can pitch an idea to talk about.  This is not a day to sit and listen but a day to participate and get involved in subjects that matter to YOU. 


October 7 2013


The Bond (Same location as MuseumCamp 2012)


We’ll be launching our Eventbrite page this Monday (July 8th)

Would you like to get involved? 

We’re looking for some help:

  • Two (2) Live Tweeters for the event
  • New design/logo.

Massive thank you to our Sponsors: (Please let us know if you would like to Sponsor also!)

First and foremost, Arts Council for believing in us.


Marches Network
marches network“We are really thrilled to be part of supporting MuseumCamp again. Our way of delivering museum development in the West Midlands (the Marches Network of MDOs)  has always been about recognising that expertise and wisdom exist at every level of an organisation and that tiny museums are just as valued and valuable as large ones. The unconference format of MuseumCamp is just so perfect for creating really useful, and creative, conversations without the boundaries and self-censoring that can happen at other museum sector events.

Now more than ever, we want to be involved with something which ‘rewards’ energy, ideas and co-operation, from anybody in the sector – with everyone in the sector…. And what better place to have it than in the middle of the country ..”

Mark your calendars – @MuseumCamp (ala CakeFest) is BACK!

IMG_5903Here ye! Here ye!  Breaking News!

Date:               October 7th

Where:           The Bond (Same location as MuseumCamp 2012)

What:             Back by popular demand, MuseumCamp is an Unconference for anyone interested in museums and cultures – visitors, volunteers to managers and CEO are invited to attend and talk about topics that matter to YOU.

Why:               Cake.

More information will be coming in the new few weeks.