Just a little update on @MuseumCamp as things are moving swiftly along…

Our first batch of Early Bird tickets have been snapped up!  But don’t worry, we have a waiting list and more tickets coming after our meeting.

When is our meeting you ask?  Why it’s July 5 (Details below).  Please do join us if you can as we’ll be talking CAKE and details.  As this is an Unconference, there’s not a lot of detail required but we do have some I’s to dot and t’s to cross.

One thing is we still need some more sponsors.  We’re so thankful for MuseumNext, Birmingham Museums and Sound Delivery for already pledging their support and sponsorship.  We’ll have more of an idea as to what we need after July 5 but the one high priority is a sponsor for Cake (amongst other things).

Details of Meeting:

When:  July 5th

Time  2pm

Where:  6/8 Kafe in Birmingham (@sixeightKafe)

Things we know we at this point is we will be looking for sponsorship on a few items and volunteers for others.  If you fall in either category, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for all the brilliant support.