MuseumCamp v1.0 – The day after

Now that we’re all coming off our sugar-high from the cake and cupcakes consumed, we wanted to thank everyone who came and took part in what has turned out to be a very successful event.

There were 28 sessions over the day and while the plenary at the end of the day was fantastic, we would like to hear more from you please.  There was lots of note-taking (on traditional note pads – not laptops!) and discussion happening and we would like to build a little portal for those that missed things to be able to tap into.

Please feel free to email or leave a comment here with a link.  I’ve managed to compose a quick blog and Storify.

Things we would love to know:

  • Why did you come? 
  • What did you like that you didn’t think you would?
  • What would you change?
  • Did you decorate a cupcake?
  • What was your favorite session?
  • What sessions did you attend?
  • How was the lunch? 
  • How were the facilities?
  • Would you attend MuseumCamp again?
  • Any other comments?

Again, thank you to our sponsors, especially MuseumNext (who has a call for proposals end Nov 1) and Happy Museums (who has a deadline for submission for the Happy Museum commissions Friday 5 October) – MuseumCamp wouldn’t exist without them! 

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